About Us

About The Trust

The Clan Strachan Charitable Trust  (Registration No. SC044937) is an authorised charity since 18 June 2014, and regulated in accordance with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).  The charitable objectives of the Trust is: (1) To act as an authentic, international body for the collection of Scottish historical relics, particularly those relating to Clan Strachan; (2) to collect, collate, and record these items and be responsible for their housing and preservation; (3) to encourage study, interest, and research into Scottish history, particularly that of the Strachan family; and (4) to support other charities, museums, and galleries in furtherance of these aims.

Trustee, Chairman
Rob Strachan, Commander of the Honourable Clan Strachan

Roddy Strachan, Baron of Benholm, Strachan Armiger

Trustee, Secretary
Martin Strahan, MD, Strachan Armiger, Australia Commissioner

Trustee, Treasurer
Jim Strachan, MBA, FSA Scot, Co-Founder Clan Strachan Society, Strachan Armiger

Dennis Strawhun, Co-Founder of the Armigerous Clan Strachan Society