Feughside Guesthouse

Home of Clan Strachan Centre for Heritage

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The Clan Strachan Charitable Trust, with the assistance of the Clan Strachan Society, acquired the Feughside Guesthouse (formerly Feughside Inn) on 15 September 2020. We hope to open a Centre for Heritage before the end of 2024. Our vision is to serve as a local focus point of life in the Lower Deeside, emphasizing the 13th and early 14th-century barony of Strachan. From Medieval Anglo-Norman nobility to the slaughter and near extinction of Clan Strachan by Robert the Bruce. The Heritage Lounge will act as a local tourist centre; will house historical relics about the local area and Clan Strachan; will display Clan Strachan heraldry, and house rare books and other literary works.

The building is currently being leased to Rob Strachan, who is operating the Feughside Guesthouse.

Strategic Plan

The Trustees would like to acquire other strategic properties within the auld barony and District of Strachan. In particular, areas that were of significance to the original inhabitants of Strachan, or the medieval Anglo-Norman family who referred to themselves as 'de Strachan.'