The Clan Strachan Charitable Trust


Publications pertaining to Scottish history,
culture, heritage & heraldry. 

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The Trust has compiled a number of publications both in physical book form, as well as in electronic format. Those interested, regardless of affiliation, shall be able to download all publications available in electronic media at no charge.  Items in our collection shall promote the advancement of Scottish history, culture and heritage.  We encourage all Scots and Scots Diaspora in the study, interest, and research of Scottish history, culture and our unique shared heritage.

The following is a listing of books and publications available in print or electronic media.. either Portable Document Format (*.pdf), or electronic Publication format (ePub). 

Many of these items are extremely old, and subsequently no longer in print and out of copyright.  These publications provide the basic resource material for virtually all contemporary books on the ancient clan system.

Heraldry and Armorial Bearings

Scottish History and the Clan System