Real Property Fund

The Clan Strachan Council, Clan Strachan Society, and Clan Strachan Charitable Trust (an authorised Scottish charity) are joining forces to create a Heritage and Visitors Centre in Strachan, Scotland. In support of our objectives, we are endeavoring to acquire real property in Strachan, Scotland, for the purpose of creating a Heritage Centre to house Clan Strachan and other Scottish antiquaries, rare books, and other relics.  Furthermore, as opportunities present themselves, the Trust will use best efforts to acquire and safeguard certain properties in the District of Strachan that have historical significance.

Heritage Center

The Trust would like to acquire up to 2 acres (or more) of frontage road in Strachan, preferably on the B976 through the village of Strachan.

The Heritage Centre would have a series of displays educating visitors to the area about its rich, unique, and yes... tragic history. From Pictish beginnings, to Medieval Anglo-Norman nobility, to the slaughter and near extinction of Clan Strachan by Robert the Bruce. The Heritage Centre would also hold a library of books, both rare and popular, and would display various relics and antiquaries.  Our goal is not just to create an attraction for tourists, but to offer a destination for local school field trips, and other educational endeavors.  It is our sincere desire to create a destination that the residents of Strachan will be proud  to call their own.

Phase 1 is to obtain funding to purchase real property that substantially meets the aforementioned criteria. We believe, at this time, that a minimum of £150,000 is required to acquire the property for the site.  Phase 2 will consist of a building fund to erect the Heritage Centre. Excess funds, if any, collected from Phase 1 will be applied to Phase 2, and the amount needed for construction will be determined at a later time.


Our Phase 1 goal is to obtain £150,000 in donations or pledges in order to acquire real property. In 2017, the value for agricultural land in Strachan without planning approval is approximately £2,000 to £10,000 per acre depending on the quality of the land (source and per our solicitor). Farmland on a hill, or subject to flooding, or other poor non-arable farmland is virtually worthless.

Land with planning permission for a house or dwelling increases substantially. Therefore, until property can be negotiated, and depending on the type or quality of the property, our cost could vary substantially.  Additionally, if farmland is acquired, estimates to obtain planning permission are upwards of £50,000. Regardless, any excess funds collected above the acquisition cost of the property will be used towards improvements, or planning permission as necessary.

Past experience and advice from our solicitor suggests we will need to take a long-term approach to the acquisition or real property in Strachan. At this time, the ideal location is not for sale, and the owner is unwilling to negotiate. We, the Trustees, believe that it is best to hold course to acquire the right property in Strachan (whatever that may be), rather than go for a quick compromise. Therefore, at the present time we are current raising funds for when the right opportunity presents itself.

The Trustees ask all those interested in this charitable cause to consider making a small monthly donation, or a single one-time donation by clicking here.