The Clan Strachan Charitable Trust

Real Property Fund

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The Trust would like to acquire real property in, or around, certain lands in Scotland that have historical significance to Clan Strachan. 

PHASE 1:  Property Acquisition
These areas would ideally be located within the Parish or District of Strachan, and would be held for the exclusive benefit of Clan Strachan. Preliminary budget is £250,000.

The Trust would like to acquire real property that:

  1. Has one or more already existing structures;

  2. Raw land with full planning permission for the construction of one or more buildings; or

  3. Historically relevant raw land or agricultural lands pertaining to the heritage and traditions of Clan Strachan.  

PHASE II. Heritage or Cultural Museum

The next phase is to construct a building to house historical relics and a library of historical publications. The Trustees would also preferred the building incorporate a Heritage Centre for Clan Strachan and history of the surrounding area.  Ideally, we would prefer the facility be large enough to be used as a small meeting room or hall. Any trading revenue would fall well within the definition of small-scale non-primary purposes. All the relevant profits or income (if any) will be applied for the charity's purposes. 

It is also important to note, the Trustees have a general duty under Section 66 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 to act with care and diligence and in the interests of the charity.  These duties should be considered particularly in view of the potential risks to which charitable funds may be exposed by undertaking trading activities within the charity itself. (see links below)